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    Paweł Weremiuk

    multimedia designer, illustrator

    tel. +48506356527

    weremiukI am… an animator, director, designer, editor, husband, dad, gourmand, spectator, listener, hothead.

    I do my best to approach every project individually, looking for new, adequate means    of expression to make the outcome clear and fresh.

    PL, Cracow based. Available for freelance.

     tel. +48506356527
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    coffe + animation films + bike + diving + ukulele + elektro + chillout  + folk music  + cinema + skating  + vj + motion design + typography + illustration


    How I Work

    What seems to be the most important to me while working on a new project is the clarity of visual thought and the outcome I intend to achieve. Hence employing adequate means every time it is needed, and not limiting to 3 good old ones – because every project requires a new approach.

    I have significant experience in working with every type of animation – 2D and 3D. My taste and sensitive eye were well trained at the Secondary School of Fine Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts.

    My long experience in using the graphics programs makes me reliable in operating any formats and mediums.  I use 3Dstudio Max, Adobe CS, Z-Brush, PAP and I’m ready to learn more.

    I like teamwork a lot, and I don’t mind working by myself. I personally led a lot of projects – from projects, consultations with clients, to comprehensive realization.

    Married, 4 daughters.  (<— how about organizing that!  :P)


    Stage projections

    2015.11 – MediaTory, Auditorium Maximum UJ, Cracow,
    2015.07 – 7@nite , Cracow, The High Synagogue at Kazimierz
    2015.10 – Off Fasion Akademia, Kielce
    2014.10 – 16’th Off Fasion, Kielce
    2014.07 – „Europa train score” – 2 multimedia concerts at Film Music Festival and Ars Independent
    Cracow – MOS, Katowice – Pałac Młodzieży
    2014.07 – 7@nite , Cracow, The High Synagogue at Kazimierz
    2014.05 – 15’th Off Fasion, Kielce
    2013.12 – “The Nutcracker” Filharmonia Warmińsko-Mazurska, Olsztyn
    2013.12 – 14’th Off Fasion, Kielce
    2013.05 – “Przygody Arka Noego” Teatr Ludowy, Cracow
    2012.03 – “Ariadna na Naxos” Opera Krakowska, Cracow
    2011.10 – “Wielkomilud” Teatr Groteska, Cracow
    2011.o6 – ” The velveteen rabbit” Teatr Groteska, Cracow
    2011.05 – “Our God’s brother” Teatr Powszechny, Radom
    2011.02 – Dokąd pędzisz, koniku? Teatr Groteska, Cracow
    2009.09 – “Hommage a Chagall” Teatr Groteska, Cracow
    2009 – “Beniowskiego awantur dziwnych łańcuch złoty” – Stowarzyszenie Sezony Teatralne –
    Opera Krakowska, Cracow
    2008 – IX Reality Shopka Szoł – Teatr Groteska, Cracow
    2008 – „Różowe konie – rewia kieszonkowa. Aldona Jankowska przedstawia” Teatr Groteska, Cracow
    2007 – „Where the violets always smell”, charity concert, Kraków
    2006 – III Festiwal Misteria Paschalia, Cracow



    2013 – Nivea preloader, MIK digitalization trailer, Muzeum Oświęcim promo spot
    2012 – Groteska promo spots
    2009 – AIG, Bobofrut, Abra, Zoożelki


    • 2000-2005 – Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow; specialization: animation, Diploma in animation at Jerzy Kucia’s atelier
    • 1995-2000 – Artur Grottger Secondary School of Fine Arts in Supraśl; specialization: woodcarver


    Prices / Awards
    • 2011 – distinction for the visuals in the XV International Festival of Theatres for Children and Young People KORCZAK, Warsaw
    • 2006 – ERA NOWE HORYZONTY – first prize – animation film – SHEETS
    • 2006 – ANIFEST – Best Film 2006 prize – SHEETS
    • 2006 – participation in the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film – SHEETS
    • 2005 – OFAFA – special prize for exeptional artistic quality – SHEETS
    • 1997 – scholarship granted by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage



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