• pawel

    Paweł Weremiuk

    multimedia designer, illustrator

    tel. +48506356527

    Homage a Chagall

    Stage projections to puppet / live actors play about Marc Chagall’s life.

    I reailsed a projection to the 1-hour long spectacle about Marc Chagall’s life. The projections based on his artistic vision – vivid colors, fantastic creatures, poetry… The visualizations were projected from two projectors on several screens (sometimes mobile), placed in different parts of the stage. The spectacle required synchronization of all the images. Projections are the outcome of essential, artistic vision of the director, not artificially-generated visual effects. The spectacle beautifully combines actors’ performance, plastic scenography, projections, choreography and music.

    Prize: distinction for the visuals in the XV International Festival of Theatres for Children and Young People KORCZAK – Warsaw 2011

    Directing: Adolf Weltschek

    Scenography: Małgorzata Zwolińska

    Music and sound design: Roman Opuszyński

    Choreography: Katarzyna Skawińska

    Premiere: 2009-09-19


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